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The Mid-Valley SPIN

Newsletter of the Mid-Valley Bicycle Club

On the road (with the former president!)

For those who may have missed it, Paul Liberman, our former MVBC club president (and ongoing IT guru) has flown out to Florida and started his bike ride back to Corvallis. He is posting on Facebook and is also updating his website throughout his journey. Follow along with Paul's Cross Country Tour 2024

From the President ...

by Dave Gifford, MVBC President

In this newsletter, I want to take a moment to highlight a specific safety concern that I have with cyclists in general, and our club in specific.

While I try to focus most of my waking hours to the all important job of being the MVBC President - the galas, parades, meeting with world leaders - I also have another way of filling my time which is as a school bus driver here in town.  While I am sure most of the club is aware, when a bus stops to let off children, it has red flashing lights up high, and a stop sign that comes out by the driver and flashes red as well.  A few weeks back, I was learning a new route by riding along with another driver in the afternoon, and had the unfortunate experience of having a small group of cyclists ignore the blinking stop sign while the bus was stopped and letting off children.  The purpose of that sign is to stop all traffic in both directions to allow the kids to safely get across the street in front of the bus as needed.  While routes are designed to minimize this kind of crossing as much as possible, it does happen.  The problem with this particular incident was that the cyclists were actually some of the elder statesman of the MVBC (although luckily not festooned with club kit this day)!  Their riding made a real impact on the driver.  This sadly has the effect of further entrenching the pervasive attitude amongst bus drivers that all cyclists are scofflaws and appear to put themselves in places of harm by disregarding signs, and common sense by riding up beside a bus that is signaling an intention to turn, etc.

Last week as I was letting students off, and trying to get them across the street safely, another cyclist (luckily not a club member this time) rode past the bus and all the flashing lights and stop signs and nearly struck two kids that were crossing under my protection.

Much like Paul chided me for riding in a manner unbecoming of a Club President, I would hope that all club members take care to ride in a safe and responsible manner (especially when wearing club kit) so that we can begin to do our best to bridge the gap between cyclists and the rest of the world, and earn the respect that is so important in keeping everyone safe.  We need people to drive safely so that kids and adults can feel safe while riding.  We need cyclists to ride respectfully so that pedestrians and cars (and trucks and busses) can see us and give us the space that we need.  Let’s keep doing our part!

Upcoming Events ...

The MVBC calendar lists MANY events in our area. (I recommend "month" mode.)

MVBC event dates for 2024

May 11-12 Spring Overnight to Brownsville's Pioneer Park

May 15, 6:30 p.m. Ride of Silence, Osborne Aquatic Center

May 18  Midge Cramer Ride

May 20 Webinar, Bikeway Buildouts (watch for upcoming emails!)

May 20-23 Columbia Gorge Campout

June 7-10 Camp Sherman Gravel Camp

June 22-30 Loop Tour 1

July 4 Marys Peak, Road & Gravel options

July 20-28 Loop Tour 2

August 2-4 Family Mini-Loop

August 11 Covered Bridge Bicycle Tour

Other area events

April 19-21 Swift Summit Spring Classic, Brownsville 

May 11 Mohawk Valley Metric Century, Brownsville/Coburg

April 28 Monster Cookie Metric Century Ride, Salem

June 8 Lebanon Strawberry Century, Lebanon

June 8 Pioneer Century, Portland

June 14-16 Swift Summit v. 7 (200, 100 or 50 miles) Lebanon

July 5-7, 2024  Northwest Tandem Rally, Corvallis

July 21 Open Streets, Corvallis

August 17-18, Bike Indy Campout at Croft Vineyard, West Salem

September 22, Hophead Hundred, Independence

Annual Ride of Silence - Wednesday, May 15

Every third Wednesday in May, riders gather worldwide to honor cyclists who have been killed or injured while cycling on public roadways. The ride in Corvallis will start from Osborn at 7 p.m. 

The Ride of Silence is a free ride that asks its cyclists to ride no faster than 12 mph, wear helmets, follow the rules of the road and remain silent during the ride. There are no registration fees. The ride, which is held during National Bike Month, aims to raise the awareness of motorists, police and city officials that cyclists have a legal right to the public roadways. The ride is also a chance to show respect for and honor the lives of those who have been killed or injured.

Midge Cramer Ride -  Saturday, May 18

Save the date! The third Saturday in May is reserved for a special occasion – the celebration of our Club's history. Join in the fun on the Midge Cramer Ride, an annual event honoring the life and legacy of Richard P. "Midge" Cramer (1931-1997), a pivotal figure in the founding of the Mid-Valley Bicycle Club. Find out more about the ride and the associated 'bicycle games' on the Midge Cramer Ride page.

McKenzie Highway paving project: road closure

Riding the McKenzie Highway car-free is a ride many look forward to each spring. Currently, ODOT is working on a paving project and the road is closed to all users during the week and weekends.

In an email from Meghan Blyth, ODOT Community Affairs Coordinator, shared,

"Paving and project work is always weather dependent so schedules may change. We plan to open the road on May 17 baring any unseen complications."

"We realize our paving project will impact many recreational plans this spring, the reality is the road must be maintained for it to be used by anyone. Thank so much for your understanding, we hope to get you out on the road safely as soon as possible!" 

Thanks to  MVBC Director-at-large, Steve Martel for his work with gathering details for this story. 

May is National Bike Month!

May is National Bike Month, promoted by The League of American Bicyclists and celebrated in communities from coast to coast. Established in 1956, National Bike Month is a chance to showcase the many benefits of bicycling — and encourage more folks to giving biking a try.

MVBC is working on a variety of bike events, including a webinar on May 20 at 7 p.m. and some in-person events. Watch your email for more information!

Member benefits

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How does it work?

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Showers Pass

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events ... 

MVBC announces Gravel Series dates for 2024

This year’s gravel season kicked off on April 7 with 18 MVBC members gathering for an Introduction to Gravel and shake-out ride to Dimple Hill (GN103).  Each ride of the upcoming series will feature two different speed groups, “party pace” (for riders who enjoy taking their time) and “all business” (for riders with a need for speed). Each group will have a dedicated ride leader. We will be selecting from our best routes, and we hope to make each ride special.  You can click the links to find the routes on RWGPS. The dates and routes for this series follow:

(1) April 7: Introduction to Gravel gathering and shake-out ride to Dimple Hill (GN103)

(2) April 21: Sauerkraut from Adair Village (GN202)

(3) May 5: Alsea Falls from Bellfountain Park (GS101)

(4) June 2: Blodgett to Goat Knob via Summit (GW009)

(5) June 30: Burnt Woods to Big Elk (GW050)

(6) July 14 (tentative; route TBD)

(7) August 17 (Summit Summer Festival Ride from Fort Hoskins: GW203)

(8) September 15 (Harlan Road: GW151)  

(9) October 6 (tentative; route TBD)

(10) October 27 (tentative; route TBD)

Updates will be listed on the MVBC Ride Schedule ( and via MVBC-Announce. On other dates, we encourage MVBC members to self-organize their own gravel rides and invite others to join them via MVBC-Social and the MVBC Group Facebook page ( 

If you are interested in participating as a leader for the Gravel Series, contact Steve Harvey ( If you have questions or suggestions, contact John Wiesinger (

Tweed Ride plans Tour de Trees for 10th annual event

Please join us for the 10th annual Corvallis Tweed Ride on April 28, 2024.

We shall congregate at the intersection of 2nd and Washington at 10am and commence upon a scenic tour of the notable trees of Corvallis. Vintage attire is encouraged. We will pause for a picnic, so pack a luncheon basket. 

The Tweed Ride is organized by MVBC members Nelson Binggeli and Bridget Hayes and has been held every year since 2015. The ride will be making stops at 20 trees: learn a little about those trees before the ride by visiting Tweed Ride 2024. The website also includes helpful information, including printable maps of the route, RWGPS links AND a list of trees on the tour.

"The Witness Tree in Willamette Park: This Black Cottonwood served as the “witness tree” for Joseph Avery’s land claim in 1953 that would later become Corvallis. How he got the tree to sign the paperwork we may never know." - Tour de Trees 

MVBC Touring Committee updates

by Peter Wendel, MVBC Touring Director

Despite a few bumps along the way, we're thrilled to unveil our latest plans for the Spring Overnight and other 'shakedown' tours recently added to the calendar.

The Spring Overnight: Due to unforeseen circumstances, our original destination, Willamette Mission State Park, won't be available for our planned weekend. But fear not! We're shifting gears and heading to Brownsville's Pioneer Park on May 11-12.

We're adding not one, but TWO shakedown tour dates as precursors to the Loop Tours. On each of the two added weekends, you'll have the option to choose between Willamette Mission State Park or the Independence Boater-Biker Campground for an overnight stay.

Family Mini-Loop: Mark your calendars for Friday, August 2nd to Sunday, August 4th.

Camp Sherman Gravel Camp: Save the dates from Friday, June 7th to Monday, June 10th.

Loop Tour 2024: Coasting Six Rivers

Loop Tour planning is done and now it's time to sign up and start your training for Loop Tour 2024: Coasting Six Rivers (I'm guessing in addition to coasting, some peddling will be required too!)

Currently, for Loop 1, there are 23 riders signed up and 16 for Loop 2. The capacity of each tour is 33 people, so don't wait!

Time is running out for priority registration: it will remain open until April 13. Please register here. Even if you have not volunteered this year, if you know you want to join Loop Tour, you should register before April 13 to improve the likelihood of getting a spot!

More information on this year's Loop Tour, Coasting Six Rivers, can be found at and

Please direct questions to

Photo by Ann Asbel: Chuck and Brian Daellenbach on a short, flat gravel section on the route.

Covered Bridge Tour prepares for 45th year

Registration will open in mid-April and planning is already underway for MVBC's annual fundraiser, the Covered Bridge Bicycle Tour(CBBT). The 45th annual event will be Sunday, August 11, leaving from the Linn County Expo Center (fairgrounds) in Albany. Routes include varying lengths: from the family and beginner friendly 23-mile ride to the 101-mile ride that takes riders to five covered bridges and 3,500 feet of climbing. 

The CBBT takes the efforts of more than 70 volunteers on the day of the event but also many volunteer hours prior to the event. Please contact CBBT directors  Rick Olson or Sam Stern to  help be a part of this 44-year-long tradition.

By helping with the CBBT, you will be helping to support Bicycle Education & Safety  programs in theMVBC's Willamette Valley community. CBBT is also a way to earn priority registration to the club's touring options. All CBBT volunteers will also receive a free event t-shirt.

Lebanon Strawberry Century set for June 8

The rumors are true. The Lebanon Strawberry Century is rolling forward in 2024. 

After the announcement that the cycling club who hosted the event for over three decades didn’t have the capacity to produce the event this year- four Lebanon locals, all of whom tackled their first century ride at the iconic Strawberry Century- decided that the wheels had to keep turning.

The 33rd edition of the event comes with a slight name change to “Lebanon Strawberry Century” as a symbol of the new team's vision to establish a solid foundation for future growth of the event within the community of Lebanon itself. 

This year’s event includes a bit of revision to the traditional routes offered over the years, but will still include the breathtaking views and low traffic rural roads that make this ride so amazing, and an “Epic” hill to throw into your ride if you’re one who likes to climb. 

As always, a heaping serving of strawberry shortcake will be waiting for you at the finish line.

Save $5 on early bird registration by using discount code “strawberryfieldsforever” when you sign up on BikeReg, and check out the 2024 website at

See you on June 8, 2024, in Lebanon, Oregon for the sweetest miles you'll have in the saddle all summer.

Swift Summit Spring Classic: way more than just a bike ride!

Fully supported routes, home cooked meals, post ride sauna and massage, morning yoga, live music, and camping. What more could you ask for? How about the opportunity to support the Mid-Valley Bicycle Club through a charitable donation via participation? This year's Swift Summit Spring Classic is right around the corner: April 19-21.

Last year, several members of the MVBC attended the annual Swift Summit Spring Classic, a weekend long campout in Brownsville, Oregon - sometimes referred to as a “downhome” Cycle Oregon; or, to others - the “Country Fair of Cycling.” In return, Swift Summit Northwest matched all registration fees from MVBC members and returned them to the club to support bike education in the local schools.

Spring Classic participants receive a filling, home-cooked breakfast Saturday morning, supported routes of 50 or 100 kilometers (with the option to mix in some gravel sections on the 100k route that dump back into the paved route), cooked to order lunch upon the end of the end of the ride, and a variety of activities throughout the afternoon. Dinner is served in the evening and there’s plenty of room around the bonfire to roast marshmallows and socialize after the sun goes down. Sunday morning participants wake up to another breakfast before a leisurely ride to McKercher Park where the Calapooia River makes a stunning performance as it tumbles over old basalt rock.  

Don’t want to spend the entire weekend camping out along the Calapooia River? Participants can sign up for a “Saturday Only” option and still receive the same breakfast, lunch, and camaraderie as the weekend long folks. 

Register Here and save $40 on registration for the full weekend using coupon code "MVBCSpring2024" when you register before April 15th. Discount does not apply to Saturday only riders.

Books and more ...

Riding Han(한): Bikepacking the Great Divide

by Tracy Hug, newsletter editor

During a rainy spring night, I came across a YouTube movie I'd been meaning to watch: Riding Han. Admitting my ignorance, I originally thought Han was a person but 30 seconds into the film, I was educated about my error: Han is not a person but more akin an emotion. 

Riding Han follows three young Korean Americans as they bikepack the Great Divide. It is a film about a bike trip but also an exploration of culture and the impacts the Covid-19 pandemic has on the Asian community. The filmmaker, Pak Eugene, shares his experiences here in  If you haven't seen the 30-minute movie, it's available on YouTube and worth the watch. 

Han itself is a complicated word. Here's a 30-minute presentation from a Cambridge fellow, Michael D. Shin, A Brief History of Han, from The Korea Society. 

Oregon Timber Trail announces gravel edition

The Oregon Timber Trail is a ~700 mile route from Southern Oregon to the Columbia River Gorge which spends about half the time on single track. The Oregon Timber Trail alliance recently announced a gravel edition that roughly parallels the original OTT but utilizes low traffic paved and gravel roads instead of the single track. The gravel route also shaves off 121 miles and 27,500 feet of climbing. The gravel route is in beta version and they are looking for feedback from riders. Find out more through the Oregon Timber Trail Alliance.

Community Corner

MVBC Advocacy team continues work with city to improve safety

by Rob Upson, Bicycle Advocate

Corvallis was recently awarded the Gold Medal City award by the League of American Bicyclists.  A great accomplishment, for sure. This recognizes that Corvallis is still a more welcoming city to bicyclists than most cities in the United States, and we love it.  

Corvallis has received the Gold award since the early 2000’s.  So what will it take to reach the next award level?  The League of American Bicyclists has not yet released the city’s scorecard explaining why it earned Gold, and what it will take to achieve Platinum.  However, we can look at a city like Davis, California (a long-time Platinum awardee) for some clues.   Increase convenient bike parking; conduct bike counts to monitor program successes; expand bike education in the schools; and continue building out the low-stress network, especially on high speed roads.

Can Corvallis do this? Yes, and the Advocacy and Bike Education committees are already taking steps to work with the city to move these programs forward.  Our advocacy efforts, with support from MVBC member voices, have helped allocate an additional $200,000 for the Tyler Neighborhood bikeway, and  $1.5 million for permanent bikeway improvements planned over the next five years.

These investments should help make more people comfortable choosing to ride, and reverse the downward trend in the community’s perception of its bike network. 

With the arrival of Spring, MVBC spearheaded a request to Corvallis Mayor Maughan to proclaim May, “Corvallis Bike Month”.  We are developing a calendar of bike events for the month. Headlining the events will a webinar by Dave Kemp, long-time bikeway planner from Boulder, Davis, and Fort Collins.  “DK” will share more about the reasoning and results of bikeway build-outs in these cities. The webinar will be May 20 at 7 p.m.

Summer railroad crossing projects will effect cyclists, motorists

The Portland & Western Railroad (PNWR) is planning a railroad maintenance project to help protect against derailments. This work includes replacing the at-grade street crossings of the rail line at several locations in Corvallis. In order to complete the work, each crossing will require a complete closure of the street in the immediate area for the duration of the work, which is expected to take three to four days at a time. Signed detours to nearby alternative routes will be provided during closures. These short-term traffic impacts are inconvenient, but will provide long term benefits to the community with a smoother ride at these locations once the work is complete.

The railroad operator is planning to complete work at the following rail and street crossings in Corvallis:

  • NE Conifer Blvd crossing by Cheldelin Middle School
  • Circle Blvd crossing between NE Jack London St and NE Conser St
  • NW Buchanan Ave crossing
  • NW 6th St & NW Tyler Ave crossing
  • NW 6th St & NW Harrison Blvd
  • NW 6th St & NW Van Buren Ave
  • NW 6th St & NW Jackson Ave
  • NW/SW 6th St & NW/SW Monroe Ave
  • SW 6th St & SW Madison Ave
  • SW 6th St & SW Jefferson Ave

The work is planned over several months, likely lasting through at least June. Work is being planned as one crossing at a time, typically occurring over weekends and with one to two weekdays also needed to complete the work depending on the size and complexity of the crossing. The work duration and scheduling is weather and resource dependent and subject to change. Digital street signs will alert the public of the upcoming work in each area.

Corvallis Active Transportation updates

The City of Corvallis has a newsletter that is dedicated to Active Transportation. You can subscribe to their newsletter here.  Some of the highlights are below:

Rapid Flashing Beacon Installed at Jack London Street

The final element of the NE Circle Blvd resurfacing project - a rapid flashing beacon at the Jack London Street crossing - has been installed.

New Bicycle Guide Signs Installed

13 new bicycle guide signs have been installed along the Riverfront and Eric E. Austin Memorial Paths, from Tyler Avenue to Crystal Lake Drive. These signs direct riders to important destinations, showing travel time and mileage.

With this newest installation, signage now provides over four miles of guidance for path users all the way out to SW 53rd Street, near the edge of the urban growth boundary. These installations are part of a larger network of planned guide signage that include future neighborhood bikeways and other shared use paths.

Upcoming events

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