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Special Touring Edition

The SPIN-Off

A Special Edition of the Mid-Valley Bicycle Club Newsletter

Special Edition to gather tour suggestions for 2024 - Published October 19, 2023

Getting started on the 2024 Touring season

*** Your input needed by November 1st ***

Planning for 2024 Tours

The Touring Committee has already met once to start considering tours for 2024. Some are traditional tours that we know we will run next year - some newer tours are still under discussion and there's always room for new ideas!

Already on the calendar for next year -

May 20-22 - Columbia Gorge Campout

June 7-10 - Camp Sherman Gravel Camp

June 22 - July 2 - Loop 1

July 20 - 28 - Loop 2

You can see these tours along with other  bicycle events by visiting the Club’s online calendar –

Under discussion and still to be added –

Ride to the Ride – Brownsville – April 12-14 (tentative)

Spring Gravel Tour in Eastern Oregon - the weekend before Memorial Day?

Hub and Spoke rides out of Baker City?

Baker City to the Wallowas loop?

Ochoco loop in the Mitchell area?

Mini Loop - to be scheduled

There is renewed interest in this event that is targeted towards families with young riders and riders who want an easier bike camping adventure - It's a shorter tour with low daily mileage between campsites.

Harlan Gravel Camp - September?

Just like the Camp Sherman Gravel Camp, this will be a three-day weekend of car camping in the Coast Range with day rides from that hub.

Coast Range Gravel Adventure  - three nights and four days of mostly gravel riding including the C2C  (Corvallis to the Coast bike route)

Tour de Honeyman – a 5-night, 6-day tour from Corvallis with Honeyman State Park as the halfway point - Early October, perhaps?

Got ideas for other Tours?

How to submit your tour ideas

We are working on a model that allows any club member to take on suggesting, planning and/or leading a tour. The process starts by making suggestions for possible tours in 2024 to the Touring Committee. 

When suggesting a tour, give us a description including the route and campsites, any special logistics, like how meals will be done, remoteness, SAG considerations, road surfaces anticipated, etc. Or just a brief description so we can get an idea what you are thinking of.

We will review tour ideas and add them to a member survey we will be sending out in November.  That survey will ask for members’ input on their interest in 2024 tours and if they are willing to help with organizing. Survey results will guide the priorities for developing new tours for the 2024 program.

Tour suggestions can be emailed to

Please get your suggestions to us in time for our next meeting on November 1st.

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