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The Mid-Valley SPIN

Newsletter of the Mid-Valley Bicycle Club

September/october 2023

Table of Contents

The Loop Tour group photo tradition continues! This is the Loop Tour 2 group. See more photos in the Loop Tour Gallery on the MVBC website. 

Photo by Barbara Naimark, MVBC member

From the President ...

by Paul Lieberman, MVBC President

It is time once again for our annual members meeting / banquet, and elections of officers for the 2024 board. In addition to electing officers we will be voting to approve some revisions to the bylaws.

Annual Meeting / Banquet:  November 12, from 5:30 until 8pm at Corvallis Community Center (C3) in Corvallis. Registration is required.  

Bylaws Revisions: The board has been working on some updates to the bylaws over the past year. The last time they were updated was 2011. Our goal was to bring them up to date with the reality of the club in 2023. Please review the updates.

Current 2011 bylaws:

Proposed 2023 bylaws:


Elections for 2024 board: With over 420 members it is no longer realistic to hold elections in person at the annual members meeting. Therefore we have an online form so everyone can vote. People who have not voted online will still be able to vote at the meeting.


President - David Gifford

Vice-president - unfilled

Treasurer - Melissa Cowan

Membership - Eileen Tokuda

Advocacy - Rob Upson

Newsletter - Tracy Hug

Secretary - Patti Watkins

Touring Committee - Peter Wendel

IT Committee - Paul Lieberman

Director-at-large - Steve Harvey

Directory-at-large - Steve Martel

Director-at-large - Chris Kneifl

Cast your vote to approve the bylaws revision and the slate of board candidates using this online form.


This is likely my last From the President column as my term will expire at the end of the year. It's been an honor serving as you club president for the past three years. Any success we have achieved over that time, and there have been many, can be attributed to our hard working board members and outstanding dedication from volunteers. You are what makes this club so great and what made my job as president relatively easy. I want to thank each and every one of you.

Safe riding, enjoy the cool weather, and see you out on the road.

Advocacy Corner ...

by Rob Upson, Bicycle Advocate

I’ve recently become more active in the mountain biking community as my son joined the Corvallis Composite team.  These kids are awesome bikers and they love the trails. While parents are comfortable sending their kids over the rocks and roots,  I get the impression that they will not allow their kids on the streets alongside cars.  Unlike most MVBC riders, many people still do not feel comfortable biking on our roads.

With that in mind, here are just a few things the Advocacy Committee has been doing during the last months of summer to lower barriers for all bicyclists in the mid-valley. 

Earlier this year the club was awarded a Green Grant by the City of Corvallis to present a webinar on the subject of safe bike infrastructure.  Save the Date: Thursday, November 2.  Look for an official announcement later this month.

As you heard at the September monthly meeting, we partnered with the Corvallis Police Department to register hundreds of bikes around town.  MVBC volunteers continued helping out with bike registrations at OSU during the first weeks of classes.

Fall is a great time to ride, but the leaves are on the way.  It is illegal to place leaves in the bike lane and the Advocacy Committee asked Corvallis City Councilors to make that message clear as they renegotiate the franchise agreement with Republic Services.

Finally, we are keeping the Advocacy page updated with the latest road project information, so check it out:

What's New in Climate Friendly and Safe Bicycle Infrastructure: Webinar

MVBC is hosting a webinar next Thursday, November 2 at 7 pm.

Join the webinar here:

Speaker Evan Manvel is a Climate Mitigation Planner with the State of Oregon and will talk about the latest regional bike projects and designs for users of all ages and abilities.  He previously worked with the Bicycle Transportation Alliance and Cascade Bicycle Club in leadership, education, and advocacy roles.  Evan has a master’s degree in public policy and urban planning from Harvard University.

Speaker Chris Thomas is a partner at the law firm of Thomas, Coon, Newton & Frost (TCNF). A large part of Chris’ practice involves representing bicyclists and pedestrians who are injured in collisions with motor vehicles.  In addition, TCNF has a long history of advocating for improved bicycle laws. Chris will speak about cyclists’ rights and the latest litigation regarding safer bicycle infrastructure improvements. 

There will be a moderated Q&A after speaker presentations. Please join us!

Partner organizations: Corvallis Sustainability Coalition and SAFE Corvallis.

Giving back ...

MVBC provides helmets at Philomath Fire House event

by Eileen Tokuda

The MVBC Helmet Program was present at the Philomath Fire Dept Open House event on Saturday, Oct 7th, staffed by Candis Giles and Paul Lieberman.  Children from the local community benefited from distribution of helmets and bike lights at low to no cost.
Many thanks to our volunteers and the helmet program coordinator, Nancy Meitle, for keeping this MVBC program going strong!

Upcoming Events ...

 The MVBC calendar lists MANY events in our area. (I recommend putting it in "month" mode.)

MVBC events


As the leaves turn, it's time to put some fall and winter events on the calendar!

Annual meeting November 12, 5-8 p.m. at CCC

Our annual meeting will be held on November 12, from 5:30 until 8pm at Corvallis Community Center (C3) in Corvallis. 

Please register for the event.

The annual meeting includes the election of the 2024 MVBC Board members, reports on committee outcomes and  membership input for goals and aspirations in 2024. It will also include the always highly anticipated reveal of Loop Tour 2024. 

As this event is a membership meeting with limited seating available, a member + 1 invite is extended to all. After November 5, registrations for non-members will be available on a space available basis.

There will be a vegetarian and non-vegetarian main dish. Please bring a side dish, salad or dessert to share. The meeting portion of the evening will be available on Zoom for those unable to attend. 

Holiday Party December 16, 1-4 p.m. at Common Fields

Our holiday party will be on Saturday, December 16, 1-4 p.m. Join in the spirit of the holidays and share some time with our biking community. This event will be held at Common Fields and will include some door prize/gifts. Club members will receive a gift card from Common Fields towards the purchase of food or beverage.

Club Event Dates for 2024

Loop Tour 1: June 22-30

Loop Tour 2: July 20-28

Covered Bridge Bicycle Tour (CBBT): Sunday, August 11, 2024

Other area events

January 13, 14, 2024 Bike Indy Drop the Hammer Weekend, Winter Ride

April 12-14 (tentative) Spring Classic, Brownsville 

May 11 Mohawk Valley Metric Century, Coburg, Oregon

June 14-16 Swift Summit v. 7 (200, 100 or 50 miles) Lebanon

July 5-7, 2024  Northwest Tandem Rally, Corvallis

Sunset on the CRGA, photo by Tracy Hug

2023 recap of new tour options, looking to the future

by Peter Wendel, Touring Committee

2023 Recap

The 2023 Touring season saw an expansion of our traditional offerings - here's a list of tours that were new or modified in a significant way this year -

Ride to the Ride – Brownsville (New!)

This was an early-season shakedown ride to the City park in Brownsville.  Some members rode fully loaded, some car camped just to be part of the event.

Spring Overnight - Independence (New!) and Willamette Mission State park

The club's traditional 'practice' tour to Willamette Mission was supplemented this year with an option for a shorter ride and an overnight stay at the Boater/Biker Campground in Independence.  Some members camped at each location.

Spring gravel trip - Steens Mountain (Sorta New – a different route in a different part of the state!)

The club has offered a Spring Gravel Tour option for several years.  This trip explored the very south eastern corner of the state with a three-night, four day supported tour that began and ended at Crystal Crane Hotsprings resort.

Spring Gravel Camp - Camp Sherman (New!)

This is a new event that was very well received and will likely become an annual long-weekend event in early June

Crater Lake Rim Ride on one of the car-free weekends (Kinda new to be in on the car-free weekend promoted by local groups and the National Park Service)

The club has a long tradition of a Crater Lake Rim Ride. This year we piggy-backed onto a more broadly organized car-free weekend ride.  There will be discussions to decide if we continue to join the car-free weekend or do our own planning to ride the rim at a less crowded time.

Coast Range Gravel Adventure (New 3rd night campsite at Leaping Lamb Farm!)

This popular Fall tour tried out a new campsite at Leaping Lamb Farm near Alsea. Feedback suggests that this campsite could be key for developing other short tours based in Corvallis.

Planning for 2024

The Touring Committee has already met once to start planning for tours under consideration for 2024

You can take a look at what is already scheduled by visiting the Club’s online calendar – http:/

Under discussion but still to be added –

Ride to the Ride – Brownsville – April 12-14 (tentative)

Spring Gravel Tour in Eastern Oregon 

Hub and Spoke rides out of Baker City?

Baker City to the Wallowas loop?

Ochoco loop in the Mitchell area?

Mini Loop

Harlan Gravel Camp

Tour de Honeyman – 5-night, 6-day tour with Honeyman State Park as the halfway point

How to submit your tour ideas

We are working on a model that allows any club member to take on planning and leading a tour. The process starts by making suggestions for possible tours in 2024 to the Touring Committee.  When suggesting a tour, give us a description including the route and campsites, any special logistics, like how meals will be done, remoteness, SAG considerations, road surfaces anticipated, etc. We will review tour ideas and add them to a member survey we will be sending out in November.  That survey will ask for members’ input on their interest in doing the tours and if you are willing to help with organizing. Survey results will guide the priorities for developing new tours for the 2024 program.

Tour suggestions can be emailed to

Covered Bridge Bicycle Tour recap

by Rick and Sam, CBBT Co-directors

The numbers are in and it’s clear that our 2023 CBBT was successful. In spite of the heat, we had more than 500 registered riders (about 450 did the ride), and thanks to our great volunteers all went well. And, similar to last year, we generated more than $10,000 (after expenses) that will be used to support bike education and safety in our community.

We are very grateful to you and all of the volunteers who made it happen. We need new volunteers every year so please encourage others to be a volunteer; it’s fun and you're helping our club do good things. Those who are interested should contact Rick ( or Sam (

This year we opened up registration in January because of a potential scheduling conflict with a nearby ride. As it turned out, the other ride changed their date so as to not conflict with CBBT and relatively few people registered from January to March. So, next year we plan to start registration on April 1st. This will give us time to get the t-shirt design completed, and have the costs and images on the web site when people register.

We’ll begin our monthly planning meetings (second Monday of the month) in March 2024.

Thanks everyone and, as always, if you have questions, suggestions, or concerns, let us know.

Editors note: A big thanks goes out to co-directors Rick Olson and Sam Stern for countless hours throughout the year leading up to our annual fundraiser. 

from the road ...

Coast Range Gravel Adventure sees sunny days

by Tracy Hug

The 6th annual Coast Range Gravel Adventure (CRGA) was a great success. We had one night of light rain at Big Elk but never had to ride in the rain. The recent rains had settled some of the dust on the roads and cooler temperatures made for pleasant hill climbing. It did not rain on the coast at all and we had lots of sunshine days 3 and 4.

We had a group of nine riders this year and no one needed or chose to ride with the SAG at any point. We had club members from Eugene (2), Bend (2), Dallas (1) and the other four were from the local area. MVBC President (and one of the primary founders of the CRGA ride), Paul Liberman volunteered to be the SAG driver and he did a fantastic job of keeping track of our wandering group.

Early in the year, Christi Raunig had volunteered to do the planning for the CRGA and decided to try shifting the ride dates to a Thursday to Sunday trip. Previous years rides had been Friday through Monday and riders experienced noisy RV neighbors (think generators at 3 a.m.) the first night camping at Big Elk Friday and heavy, big truck traffic on Bellfountain on Monday. The shift of start date was successful for decreasing the noise in camp AND the truck traffic! (A big thanks to Christi for her insight into a small change that could really improve the experience on the trip.)

The riders took the typical route up Woods Creek for day 1, but chose an alternative route this year out Lobster Valley for day 3. No one had a problem with the 54 mile day, and everyone seemed to enjoy camping at a new site: Leaping Lamb Farm. While staying at the farm, we camped in a big open field, had access to hot showers and a large open barn area to park bikes out of the dew for the night. We gathered together to enjoy our final camp meal and watch the sunset.

Rides like this do not happen without the time and energy of volunteers: Christi Raunig who did the planning, Paul Liberman who drove SAG. The CRGA includes the C2C trail and club members continue to volunteer to help maintain sections of the trail. A group also did work at the Big Elk campground area prior to the trip. If you would like to help plan a tour or event, please visit the volunteer section on our website. 

See the CRGA photo album for more photos. You can find out more about upcoming club events here: Member Events.

Books and more ...

Sex, Drugs & Bicycles

Some movies inspire us to take on a new challenging ride. Sex, Drugs and Bicycles may encourage you to go off and ride in a new place: Holland. This ~1.5 hour small, independent documentary looks the impact bicycles have on Dutch culture. The movie is available here on YouTube.

Dreaming of France?

At the October MVBC meeting, Vice-President David Gifford gave a wonderful tour report of the trip his family took to France. There are fantastic photos and good information on planning tools and logistics. You can find the meeting here.

Upcoming events

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